Ambassador Rama

Ambassador Rama

Rama likes to pair to of her favorite habits together: reading and tea. She never does one without the other. Currently she is reading Franz Kafka .

“My favorite thing to drink lately is the Japanese Kukicha. I like lighter flavored teas and this one is very subtle and delicate. I also love the Jasmine Pearl. My favorite thing about this tea is that it is so beautiful to watch. Each dried tea pearl comes very compact, until you add it to hot water, and then, it opens up like a caterpillar stretching. I like to just watch it open, and twist around in my pot.”

“Every Sunday morning I go to a 6-hour yoga class, and it is really intense. After class I need some relaxing time, and I usually turn to Osmanthus Silver Needle . I like its soothing, subtle sweetness and evergreen coolness. So cooling, full bodied, and smooth, I love this one after my long yoga class.”


“My first pu-erh ever, is still my favorite. The Maiden’s Ecstasy . Bittersweet chocolate is what it reminds me of, but it is just aged tea. I love this one because it’s great for travel, and I always carry a can with me when I travel home to London to visit my family. They all…

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