Saffron Rapture
Saffron Rapture

Saffron Rapture


Saffron – 100% calming. 100% succulent. Rich, magical, delicious.

Saffron Rapture – a classic Samovar herbal tisane, 100% decaffeinated. 100% calming. 100% succulent. Saffron tastes so rich and magical, no wonder it’s known to help support happiness.  

Quince, apple, and lemon deliver fruit and bright citrus notes to the earthy, floral butteriness of golden saffron threads.  And saffron may even help improve your memory, and aid in weight loss.  They say Cleopatra bathed in saffron-infused mare’s milk before every tryst because it made her smell great and set the mood right. First discovered in Bronze Age Greece, saffron is as ancient as it is magical.  

Incredibly labor intensive, and processed solely by hand, It takes over 75,000 saffron pistles to yield a pound of finished product. But you only need a few threads in your tea to enjoy this remedy. Inhale your saffron tea and you get sweet floral notes mixed with earth and hay.

FLAVOR—Mellow, sweet and floral with mild citrus and lingering damp earth
Organic quince, organic apples, organic lemon peel, saffron threads
CAFFEINECaffeine Free
BREWAdd 1 Tbsp to 12 oz. boiling water and steep for 4 minutes. Decant and enjoy! Delicious with a spoonful of honey. Or, try it iced by pouring the infusion over ice cubes for a golden refresher.

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