Pu-Erh Tea Bundle

From: $57.00

Pu-erh 3-ways. Traditional, chocolatey, and citrus spice.  All whole leaf. All 100% organic. All delicious.

  • Maiden's Ecstasy

    Notes of bittersweet chocolate and ocean.

    2 oz Retail Bag
  • Velvet Cacao

    Pu erh, vanilla, coconut

    2 oz Retail Bag
  • Blood Orange

    Pu-erh, blood orange, ginger

    2 oz Retail Bag
  • Cloud Gaiwan

    Traditional oolong teacup for brewing and sipping

  • Handmade Stone Mug with Infuser

    Handmade infuser mug with lid

  • Vivid Brew Teapot

    Beautiful & easy, perfect tea every time.

  • Wabi Sabi Teacup

    Handmade, one-of-a-kind 6 oz teacup.

  • Chai Mug

    14 oz teacup by master potter Kiyomi Koide.

  • Tea Tray

    Elegant wooden tray to carry your set.

  • 1T Tea Scoop

    Stainless steel scoop to last a lifetime.

  • Guide to Tea

    Learn the tea essentials with this booklet.


Expertly aged, pile fermented, and delicious for re-steeping 5+ infusions. Rich and dark and with notes of earth, wet leaves, ocean, and bittersweet chocolate. Medium caffeine.

Maiden’s Ecstasy
A teahouse classic since our first day of business. Wildcrafted, pile fermented, whole leaf tea. Large, chocolate-brown leaves deliver a luscious, velvety body with lingering bittersweet chocolate and espresso notes. A hint of ocean breeze on the finish.

Velvet Cacao Pu-erh
We start with our meticulously handcrafted, pile fermented pu-erh tea and then add real vanilla beans, toasted coconut, and cacao husks. Like sipping a fresh baked chocolate-vanilla cake.

Blood Orange Pu-erh
Shredded ginger and blood orange rind give this wildcrafted pu-erh a bright citrus note and spicy finish. Bright and bold flavors perfectly balanced against the earthy notes of the pu-erh.

About Pu-erh

Since the beginning of tea drinking, collectors and aficionados have loved this style of tea for creamy mouthfeel, earthy aromas, and deep, dark, malty, bittersweet flavors.

If you ever considered cutting back (or giving up) your coffee habit, these teas are a great alternative. They deliver those dark, roasted, espresso-like qualities of a good dark coffee, but just a fraction of the caffeine — and all the goodness of tea!

Additional Pu-erh Notes

  • Our pu-erh is wildcrafted from the tea tree jungles in Southwestern China by indigenous tribes. The trees grow up to 50 feet tall and 1,200 years old.
  • This is the ONLY tea that improves with time. It’s intentionally aged and fermented. This creates the unique flavor and effect unlike any other tea.
  • Ours pu-erh “top graded” meaning it’s actually used as a wedding gift amongst the indigenous tribes who farm this in China. Named “Maiden’s Ecstasy” it’s great for anyone (not just maidens).
  • Brewing Tip: Because this tea is aged, it’s a good idea to “rinse” the leaves before drinking. Just add a few ounces of boiling water to the leaves in your pot, and then decant (pour it off). Add more hot water to your teapot with the new rinsed leaves and steep for 2-3 minutes (longer is stronger). With these pu-erhs you can re-steep 5-10+ more times.
  • Just like with our oolongs, in every blend you can taste the “terroir” in every sip. In each sip note the flavor of the earth, sun and weather that this tea enjoyed when it was processed.
  • Quitting coffee is now easy. You get all the taste, and more, and leave behind the agitation, high blood pressure, and caffeine crash. Just pure pu-erh bliss. This starter bundle is your place to get into this tea with three very different blends.

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