Japanese Tea Set

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  • Vivid Brewpot

    Tempered glass with stainless steel strainer to watch your tea brew.

  • Ryokucha

    Notes of buttered toast, cut grass, steamed kale, popcorn

    2 oz Retail Bag
  • Wabi Sabi Teacup

    Handmade in Los Angeles, the Wabi Sabi tea cup concentrates aromas while warming your hands.

  • Pressed Wood Tray – optional

  • Stagg Electric Kettle – optional

    Electric Kettle

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A Japanese tea set to brew the perfect cup of Ryokucha, a Japanese Green Tea. Toasted brown rice is blended with steamed green tea and stone-ground matcha green tea powder to make an extremely full-bodied, deep, creamy and sweet Japanese everyday green tea with extra caffeine.

Including our handmade, Japanese-style Wabi Sabi tea cup designed to concentrate aromas while warming your hands and our tempered glass, Vivid Brewpot designed to produce optimal infusion while you watch the leaves unfurl.