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Press Release for Samovar Hayes Valley Door Opening Ceremony conducted by the SF Zen Center

Media Contacts:
Jesse Cutler, Samovar: (415) 655-3431 /
David Perry, SFZC: (415) 693-0583 / cell: (415) 676-7007 /
WHAT: Samovar Tea Lounge III: Hayes Valley
With Door Opening Ceremony courtesy of San Francisco Zen Center
WHEN: Saturday, March 7
1pm-1:30pm: Door Opening Ceremony
2pm-5pm: open-house tea reception: tea tastings, snacks, celebration gathering
WHERE: Samovar Tea Lounge: 297 Page @ Laguna St
DETAIL: Samovar Tea Lounge furthers its mission in expanding tea culture to San Francisco, by opening its third location just outside Hayes Valley just across from its landlord, the San Francisco Zen Center. The official launch party for Samovar III in what has come to known as “Hayes Valley” will include a Buddhist “Door Opening Ceremony” offered by the San Francisco Zen Center which will include ceremonial incense, chants, and wholesome ritual. Later, Samovar will provide tea tastings, snacks and sweets, and celebration of this newest tea-addition to San Francisco. The Zen Center will also be from 1-5 open for guided tours.
“We are so proud to welcome Samovar here to Hayes Valley,” said Susan O’Connell, Vice President of the San Francisco Zen Center. “ We look forward to finding many ways to collaborate. Zen Center shares their mission of creating peace, and we appreciate the quality of their offering, as well as the mindful way all of the staff engage with their customers. There is already a natural synergy. As people sit at the tables in the café, they may find themselves looking across the street at the door to the meditation hall – like frogs sitting on a lily pad. Perhaps some will take the leap towards Zen Center and enjoy our practice of sitting in community, and then return to the café for a soothing meal and cup of tea.
“Here at Samovar Tea Lounge it’s never simply business as usual. In other words, business isn’t just a profit-making mechanism, but rather a vehicle for the greater good,” said Jesse Jacobs, owner of Samovar Tea Lounge. “Making people feel good, feel healthy and attain happiness is our bottom line. And, challenging as it is, it’s equally rewarding and fulfilling to see our guests beam with joy and express their heartfelt gratitude. We take equal pride in employing a staff of people who love their work and feel their efforts make a difference in the world.”
About Samovar Tea Lounge:
The mission of Samovar Tea Lounge is to create peace through drinking tea. The tea experience that Samovar delivers solves the universal needs of humanity: community, vitality, and equanimity, values reflected throughout the Samovar experience: online, in-store, and offsite. Samovar believes that its success raises the energy of the environment, sustains it, forwards its evolution, and serves as a power of example for other businesses to reach for and enjoy equal success. The Samovar values stem directly from the experience of tea. Awareness, Beauty, Calmness, Community, Compassion, Efficiency, Energy, Fun, Health of body, mind, spirit, and earth, Honesty, Humility, Innovation, Kindness, Learning, Passion, Peace, Respect, Sensitivity, Service.
About the San Francisco Zen Center:
For nearly 50 years, San Francisco Zen Center has been teaching the Zen Buddhist principles of compassion and wisdom at its three locations in California. Today, it is one of the largest Buddhist communities outside Asia. In addition to the classes, retreats, workshops and training opportunities offered by Zen Center, we provide education programs for school children, training of future farmers in sustainable practices, and ongoing outreach programs for the homeless, those in prison, veterans returning from war, and people in recovery

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