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Magic Matcha: From Tea Leaf to Green Tea to You

From Process to Ritual

Mystery hovers over this magical tea. Although not the most popular of green teas, it is likely the most exotic. Matcha’s unique processing begins with a shade grown tea leaf, yielding an intensely green, chlorophyll infused leaf. Once dried, the leaves are pulverized to dust between two large granite plates.

The magic of this tea is left to the user, making as big or as little ceremony as is necessary. To learn more about the history and ceremony, watch this video with Christy Bartlett of the San Francisco Uransenke Society. The joy of this tea happens not only in each sip but in the preparation. Hand-whisked with a bamboo chasen until soft green peaks form on its surface, this tea is blended, and not infused like other leaves.

From Ritual to Positive Human Sensation

Enter the physical sensation of this tea. Warm, gliding, green nectar, liquid illumination and enlightenment in just a sip. Fresh and light kombu-seaweed aroma fills the air. Brilliant green in color, visualize its purity. Matcha particles float effortlessly in the cup. Let this hand hewn bowl fully awaken all five senses.

The ritual continues, even after the bowl is emptied. Anti-oxidants and caffeine yield relaxation, energy, and a pervasive sense of joy.

How to do it

We believe this ritual is so important and valuable that we want to make it easy and approachable for all to enjoy:

  1. The Chawan (Bowl): We like a bowl that is functional, beautiful and dishwasher safe.
  2. Chasen (Whisk): Any kind of small whisk can be used, but we like the traditional matcha bamboo whisk. It looks beautiful and glides through the tea effortlessly.
  3. Chashaku (Scoop): Only a few scoops of tea are required for great flavor, and that tea should not be wasted sticking to the scoop. That’s why a bamboo scoop works perfectly.
  4. Matcha: We taste matcha every season to find the most delicious, fresh, and whiskable tea out there.

If you really want to go all out, make your own matcha with our matcha mill.

Whether whisking our top-grade Matcha Hekisui in a tea bowl, or savoring our Soy Matcha Shake in a glass pitcher, we hope that you’ll find a matcha ceremony that leaves you refreshed and illuminated.

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