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Loraine (also known as Lobo) is one of the most easy-going people to know. She’s down-to-earth and always has a smile on her face.

The name for one of our infamous Japanese Senchas, Lobocha… was named after our Lobo, who has a passion for green teas.

Loraine has been working at Samovar since she was in diapers–maybe not exactly that long, but a long time coming.

When Lorraine isn’t traveling around the jungles of Thailand, or spinning records in the comfort of her home, she’s checking out live shows in the city, improving her skills as a DJ, dancing, buying new music equipment, checking out shows at the Mezzanine, eating sushi, or collecting good Sake. She’s quite adventurous, and loves to drink the Hika.

She pairs her green teas with a salmon maki bowl, and she has herself a perfect meal.

Ambassador Lobo
Ambassador Lobo
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