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samovar cdTea Lounge Groove is the perfect accompaniment to your tea drinking experience. Listen to our custom blended music, made with local musicians, to elevate your tea drinking to a higher level…

One is the beginning.
The sum of many parts, one is whole and united. One full circle, one beginning is one ending. We live in one world. We have one life. There is one human race. One man and one woman, one sperm and one egg, one spark and one…

The sound of a beating heart confirms life. Relish your own sound, your own life, because you have only one. Love life and dance to its rhythm. Let our music inside you, guide you, inspire you, illuminate you. Let it sway you as it reflects the voices and rhythms of the world. Dance and rejoice to this music of…

Tea is the sum of the earth and the sun and the gentle touch of humankind. Sun and rain, wind and fog, mountains and lowlands, heat and cold, and gently crafted, tea is everything, and tea is for you. In one slight sip, tea becomes you for an instant, and then leaves you forever changed; relaxed and enlivened, warmed and refreshed. Sip again.

Tea is like life. It can be bitter and it can be sweet. It can be strong and it can be weak. Like you, it is mostly water. It can be young or old, smooth or wrinkled, black, white, yellow, brown, green, red. It is there on a hill-side, then here in your cup, then steeped then sipped then gone. It can be soothing or invigorating, stolid or sensual, enrapturing or enlightening. It is alluring and ephemeral. It is the union of the earth and humankind and we offer it to you.

Welcome to the sound of Samovar Tea Lounge, One. One sound, one tea, one world, one life, this is the beginning. Sip, dance, enjoy.


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