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Ambassador Jesse
Ambassador Jesse

Photography, surfing, a bit of tai chi, yoga, some conversational Danish, leadership books, being a dada, clearing his inbox, and checking off tasks from his lists are among Jesse’s interests. And of course tea. Jesse always has a lot going on, but somehow manages to fit it all in no matter what. And, always with a cup of his favorite…

“Hika Sencha is a definite. I like to start my day, and continue my day with this tea. I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine so I like this tea because it has just enough to help keep me focused. This tea has a very mellow grassiness, and a beautiful, sweet creaminess–and yet it is really light. An amazing tea, and, I love it because it comes in such limited quantities.”

“After a long day, I really like to unwind with the Ocean of Wisdom herbal infusion while listening to Parov Stellar. It’s as beautiful to look at as it is to drink. It has no caffeine because it’s an herbal, and yet it has a bright, spicy, taste.”

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