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Jesse Jacobs Interviewed on The Good Life Project

In this video Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, talks about tea and entrepreneurship with Jonathan Fields, host of The Good Life Project.

Interview Synopsis from the Good Life Project:

When banker number 71 said no, he should’ve just given up. Instead, he doubled-down…and created magic!

Samovar Tea Lounge has become a place of legend around San Francisco. You visit these beautiful, intimate oases to relax into calming ritual, wonderful conversation and a stunning menu of tea. To hit reset in your day. And, maybe do a bit of writing or thinking.

Just don’t ask for the wifi password, because at Samovar, there is none. This is a place where you get to leave the digital world behind and reconnect to the simplicity of what matters!

What most people don’t know, though, is that Samovar also almost never existed, but for the dogged commitment of founder, Jesse Jacobs, and the banker who said yes to a loan after more than 70 others had said no.

In this week’s episode, Jesse and I explore his own personal journey from the world of technology and big corporations into tea and entrepreneurship. We dive into the insights and struggles.

We explore how he needed to lean into a level of faith, but also listen to the market when it told him he needed to evolve his concept. And we’ll talk about how his remarkable journey has danced with his desire to also be a present and engaged husband and father.

Enjoy the conversation, and if you’re ever in San Francisco, be sure to swing by one of the Samovar locations.


About The Good Life Project

Good Life Project™ TV is a weekly web-show hosted by award-winning author, serial-entrepreneur and lifestyle-innovator, Jonathan Fields. We film on location, in the studio and will soon be traveling around the world. Each show is about 40 minutes allowing us to dive deeper, with a focus on storytelling, learning and humanity.

Our guests include acclaimed entrepreneurs, artists, authors and thought leaders. The common theme is – people building deeply-meaningful businesses, bodies of work, movements and careers, as well as world-class experts. But, there’s something else, something really important.

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