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Introducing Californian Persian Black Tea

This week I want to introduce you to Samovar California Persian Organic Black Tea. A custom blend that we formulated here at Samovar Tea Lounge, you won’t find this modern take on classic Persian black tea anywhere else. This tea pays homage to the classic black tea scented with bergamot oil, jasmine flowers, and rose buds, but then kicks it up a notch with a dose of orange peel and cardamom seeds. I think you’ll love the resulting brew: soft floral and citrusy notes balanced by spicy, brisk undertones. Californian Persian is a versatile tea and fantastic to drink straight up, but it also works with a shot of milk and sugar–in essence, the Middle Eastern version of Earl Grey, another tea scented with the citrus fruit bergamot.

New Samovar Tea Lounge Teapot

Combine Californian Persian with another “new classic”: our Samovar Tea Lounge Teapot is back, with a sleeker, sturdier design! Made exclusively for us, we serve up hundreds of pots of tea in these teapots every day at the Lounges. Like our teas, this teapot elevates tea from a product to a beautiful ritual. Complete your with tea ritual our Lotus Teacups and Tea Tray, and you’ll have everything you need to bring Samovar Tea Lounge to your home or office.

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