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How to Make Masala Chai

Chai simply means “tea” in Hindi, and masala chai means “spiced tea”. Popular in India, where street vendors are kept busy serving up cups of masala chai all day long, this 5,000+ year old drink originated as an Ayurvedic tonic. Ginger to remove toxins, cinnamon to aid digestion, cardamom to improve circulation, and much more.

At Samovar Tea Lounge, we slow-cook our chai on the stove in the traditional manner, combining it with whole milk and substituting coconut palm nectar (lower-glycemic) for cane sugar. Making chai takes a few more minutes than steeping a regular cup of tea, but your efforts will be rewarded.

How To Make Masala Chai

1.  Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil.
2.  Add 3 tablespoons of Sweetener.
3.  When Sweetener is dissolved, add 3 tablespoons of Samovar Masala Chai.
4.  Boil uncovered for an additional 5 minutes.
5.  Add 2 cups of whole milk (or milk substitute), and bring to a boil again.
6.  Remove from heat immediately (before it boils over) and steep covered for 5 minutes.
7.  Strain and enjoy it hot, or chill it in the fridge for a delightful iced chai.


Here’s what some people have been saying about our Masala Chai:

“The chai tea is from another world.  I have no idea how they spice it but it’s perfection.”
— Jessie R.

“You can’t go wrong with their Masala Chai. Hands down the best Chai Tea I’ve ever tasted!”
— David P.

“I’m a huge Chai Tea fan and this was amazing. It’s not sweet like the kind you’ll find at Starbucks. It’s all about the Chai here!”
— Stacey P.

“The masala chai one of the best I’ve had, not too pungent or sweet, just the right amount of spices.”
— Adriana F.



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