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Livestream Download – Tea Time with Jesse Jacobs and Leo Babauta

Feeling Stressed? Drink Tea and Learn Coping Skills

Livestream tea time and discussion with Jesse Jacobs and Leo Babauta

When life feels like it’s spinning out of control, learning these simple rituals and healthy habits can help you cope

Your job is on the line. Your friends aren’t working. 30 million Americans are unemployed. Are covid cases going up or going down? Are you protecting yourself enough?  You can’t stop reading the news — even though it always seems to make you feel worse.

What if there were a way to confront the difficult situations that arise and develop a more effective way to handle the stress and anxiety we are all facing? 

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

Leo and I have cultivated personal wellness rituals and habits over many years. We’ve enjoyed sharing them with each other and we are looking forward to connecting online and sharing these valuable practices with you. 

This live tea time will be both informative and personal. And an opportunity for you to ask your questions live. We ask that you register in advance because space is limited.

Feedback From Previous Livestream Tea Times

This was a wonderful experience! I feel uplifted and grounded at the same time – a great way to start the day! —Lara P.

It’s an enlightening experience, to get close to a master of their craft and hear their words in person. That intimacy is often restricted in-person because of capacity constraints, but in this format hundreds of us were able to “sit across the table” from Jesse and share in his understanding and experience. It was touching, and will be remembered. —Gwynessa A.

Highly profound and an incredible way to start the day. Jesse provided beautiful insights into tea drinking as well as useful tips on incorporating mindfulness into daily life.  —Melody W.

After speaking with numerous customers over the past few months, the one thing I’ve learned is that people miss connecting in person. I designed these Tea Talks to share the ritual of tea and the experience of being in a teahouse, with the world. Wherever you are, please join me for tea and a special moment in your day.


To get the most out of the event, please have these items available:

  1. Hot water kettle full of filtered or spring water
  2. A cup of tap water
  3. Tea to brew
  4. Measuring spoon
  5. A tea pot and an empty teacup


  • Find a quiet, private setting
  • Use a computer or tablet with Zoom installed (phones are awkward for this)
  • Power down and hide your phone from sight
  • Wear comfortable clothing for light movement, and if possible, just socks or bare feet
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