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How to Brew Tea

The Three Pillars of The Perfect Brew: Tea, Temperature & Time.

If you’ve read How Tea is Made, then the next question is perhaps, “Ok, how do I make a cup?”. This art involves the balancing of three variables: amount of tea, water temperature, and steeping time. Since flavor is subjective, only you can determine what the right recipe is for your palate.

To begin your experimentation, start with the following guidelines:

Tea. Use 1-2 tablespoons of tea per 8oz cup. Get the most flavor from your tea by using more tea for short steeping periods.

Temperature. Always start with the best tasting water you can find: filtered, spring, or even “mountain stream fresh.” Most of teas in our collection, are robust enough to handle boiling water, but do read the brewing notes for each tea. For example, we recommend brew Green Ecstasy with a mix of hot and cold water.

Time. Steep the first infusion for 15-30 seconds. The first infusion releases a wave of flavors which can be overpowering. Get to know

Repeat. Re-steep for 5-20 additional infusions, increasing the brew time to taste.

Expert Notes

  • For Pu-erh & Oolong teas: Awaken the leaves. Rinse leaves with boiling water prior to first infusion.
  • Experiment with water temperature. Start with a rolling boiling and then try different temperatures to get the flavor you like best.
  • Brew with a gaiwan for maximum effect.



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