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How to Brew Green Ecstasy

Organic Green Ecstasy Matcha and Sencha Green Tea Blend

Green Ecstasy green tea is a new Samovar classic. A creamy, brothy, caffeinated-chlorophyll hit of deliciousness. Matcha-infused first flush Asamushi sencha to impart joy in every sip.

To Brew this tea:

1) Use delicious (filtered or spring) water, a “side-handled” Japanese kyusu teapot, and a decanting pitcher.

2) Add 1– 2 tablespoons of tea leaves to your teapot and barely cover them with room temperature water. Steep
for 2 minutes and decant to the empty pitcher.

3) Add water to fill the kyusu teapot. The temperature should be 170 –175° or “very warm but not hot” to the touch.

4) Steep for only 10 seconds. Empty this infusion to the decanting pot, mixing it with the first infusion.

5) Re-steep the leaves 1–3 more times (depending on desired strength) for 10 seconds each time, adding the infusions to the decanting pot.

Sip from pre-warmed teacups and enjoy! Experiment brewing with different amounts of tea, water temperature, and brew time. For more brewing tips, check out the How To section of our blog.