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Experience Ecstasy—Right Now

Right now is where it’s at. And then now is gone. Tea is this sweet nectar that focuses us right-here-now, into this blossoming moment.

Can you see the most beautiful art in existence—your life?

Take a breath and feel it, the now. Swim in it. Milk it of everything it offers. Inhale it into every single cell because it is so sweet. And then gone. Forever.

Have you felt this ecstasy? When? Was it up high or down low. Floating through the clouds or sinking through the sea?

Ecstasy is bigger than you. It’s this mystical wave of overwhelming happiness, beyond the self. You connect to everything.

Many religions offer promises of bliss after death. That’s really great. Knowing that we will both die (fact) and that when we do, we’ll get blissful, overwhelming  happiness (hope). But we can touch that state right now (fact).

So why not touch it? Don’t wait around for death. Grab it. Yank this moment by the throat. Shut your damn computer. Turn off your freaking cell phone. Now!

Turn on the water and steep some leaves.

Smell. Taste. Touch. See. Listen. Can you feel the wet earth and warm sun that nourished these leaves? The hands that picked them? Absorb the warm, wakeful nectar flowing down your throat. Flare your nostrils and answer the aromas. What lingers in the caesura, the pause?  Are you here? Is it salty ocean breeze, damp honeyed forest, windy frozen prairie, or humid night jasmine? What…what…WHAT?!

Look around. And look inside. Stop. Now see it. Because now it’s gone.

Like on a moonwalk, you can floatingly step from this very moment to the next, and the next, and the next. Just don’t sip it. Gulp it. Inhale it. Wrench it empty of everything it has for you. Let the electric blast of now ignite your senses and turn-you-on. It’s free. It’s yours. It’s now. It’s ecstatic. So go make some tea.

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