Focusing How To

By Jesse Jacobs

Life is full of distractions. So many things pull on our attention. So how does a person ever get anything done? I created this “how to” to remind myself of how to get something important done when I am so easily distracted by life outside (and inside) of my head. Incidentally, even when I follow these steps, the mind takes its own distracting path!

1. Stop all distractions:  Turn it all off.  Email, texting, twitter, desk clutter, facebook, web browser, wireless access.

2. Create the shortest to-do list possible. Write down the task at hand as a single goal on a piece of paper and post it right in front of you. Nothing else should be on that sheet of paper.

3. Let nothing else deter you from achieving that single task. Leave it right there to draw your attention towards every time the inkling of distraction arises.

4. Keep another sheet of paper handy to capture ‘inbox ideas and tasks’ that arise. Don’t send emails, or texts, or ‘get online,’ or do anything other than capture random ideas onto that extra blank sheet of paper.

5. Take 10 breaths to clear the space. This mini meditation will center, and help to focus on finishing the task at hand

6. Do it!!!

7. Celebrate. Do it all again.

May 12, 2011

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