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Cool Sweetness: How to Make Iced Tea Lattes

Iced tea lattes are a delicious summer treat. Here’s how to make your own awesome iced tea lattes at home:

1. Select a tea. Black teas are always a great choice though any strong-flavored tea works well. A lighter flavored tea such as green or white will be too mild to stand up to the addition of milk. However, an exception to the rule is the Sweet Matcha, which blends the rich buttery flavors of matcha green tea with milk.

Here are a few other teas that make great tea lattes:

English Breakfast Black Tea

Masala Chai

Earl Grey Black Tea

2. Select a sweetener. We recommend coconut palm sugar, but you can use honey, cane sugar, agave, or any other sweetener you prefer. Note that tart fruit-flavored syrups can sometimes curdle warm milk, as well as hibiscus-based herbal teas.

3. Pick a milk and heat. Full, low-fat, fat-free, soy, almond, rice, etc… the choice is yours. Make a 50-50 mixture of water and milk, in a quantity that’s half what you want your final volume to be. (If you want 16 ounces of iced tea latte, mix four ounces each of milk and water for a total of eight ounces.)

Add the sweetener when your liquid is still cool (though if you want to retain the healthful properties of honey in your latte, add it to the mixture immediately before you ice it).

Pour your mixture into a saucepan and heat on medium. Bring the liquid to the temperature required of your selected tea. Warning: Soymilk tends to boil over faster than dairy milk. Watch your pot closely to avoid massive cleanup!

4. Just Brew It! Add 2-3 times the amount of leaves you would normally use. For instance, if you are making a 16 ounce latte with a black tea that normally requires 1 Tbsp per 16 ounces, use 2-3 tbsp. instead). Brew the tea for 3-5 minutes.

5. Strain and blend with ice. Strain the leaves as you pour the tea into a blender. Add an equal volume of ice to match the tea. Blend until smooth, and serve. Alternatively, pour the milk/tea mixture over ice to skip the blending step.



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