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Slow Down 2008

Living in 2008, we sometimes get caught up in all our obligations and to-do lists., forgetting about the little things in life. At Samovar, we intentionally try to slow you down. Sometimes that can be painful, so please be patient. Through your pot of tea, and the experience of brewing, it, serving it, and sipping it, you will come to actually enjoy beauty of slowness.

Tomorrow’s Tamari Takes Time

Since the Buddhist monk Kakushin brought back the original soy sauce from China in 1254, soy sauce has become virtually ubiquitous world wide. So what is the difference between Soy Sauce, Shoyu and Tamari?

The Four Agreements (Samovar-Style)

Tara, one of our esteemed leaders from the Yerba Buena location recently inspired us with her book recommendation The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Samovar Tea Lounge Mission in a Teacup

For those of you who may not have had the chance to visit us in person, to experience what life is like in the tea lounge, you might not really understand our mission. So, we decided to put it down on paper, or screen in this case.

Listen to Samovar Tea Lounge Music…

Tea Lounge Groove is the perfect accompaniment to your tea drinking experience. Listen to our custom blended music, made with local musicians, to elevate your tea drinking to a higher level…

Trade Secrets of Samovar Tea Lounge

At Samovar, we treat the business of the tea experience, our work, as our art. And, we’re really proud of the art we are making for this world. The way we see it, the secret to being a successful artist is to really be able to listen.

(Part III) Teresa in India: More than San Francisco Tea Culture

This time, I will try to take a closer look at the specifics of culture and life in India. I don’t mean to plunge into any elaborate analysis, but rather draw a couple of examples which might strike a foreigner, make him think, laugh and wonder.

(Part II) Teresa in India: Uttar Pradesh

From the Faraway state of Uttar Pradesh, all the way to Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, this is Tea Ambassador Teresa reporting from afar…

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