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A Samovar Mother’s Day


Create a new story with your mom through tea this Mother’s Day. Enjoy 15% off your order through Saturday, 5/5/12 with coupon code “momtime.” Check out our gift suggestions below, and be sure to opt for express shipping to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day, Sunday, 5/13/12:


Jasmine Pearl Organic Green Tea

So succulent and aromatic, our favorite stress-reducer. Hand-blended, two leaves and a bud and flowering baby jasmine.


Wei Chi Cha Organic Herbal Tea

Sip this herbal elixir to soothe your soul and recharge your system. Fruity, sweet, spicy and pleasingly tart.


Ancient Gold Organic Black Tea

Wild-crafted, 1,300 year-old trees deliver a smooth, fuzzy, malty brew of sweet ore. Brew once for balance. Brew twice to enter a dark forest.


Tea Lounge Teapot

We can’t think of a better vessel to complete your tea ritual than our Tea Lounge Teapot. Love this generous 15-ounce teapot and it will love you back, brewing you cup after cup of liquid inspiration.

Infusing Mug

The 12-ounce Infusing Mug is functional, beautiful and super-sturdy. The rubber grip keeps your hands cool, and a stainless steel infusing basket with laser-cut die holes to strain the finest tea particles.

 Samovar Organic Sweet Crystals

Buttery, rich, and sweet, it is reminiscent of Muscavado or Demerara sugar, yet more freeflowing and without the moisture content. Low on the glycemic index and high in micro-nutrients, it’s healthy and yummy and perfect with tea or for baking.


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