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This man has many talents…he teaches yoga and meditation every week throughout the United States and abroad, he’s the founder of the Learning To Listen Yoga & Meditation Center (a non-profit committed to offering tools for conscious living), he has written two books, and recorded two audio cds.

Jonathan believes that if done mindfully, all things can lead one to a greater appreciation of this life. He feels tea’s production process, its historic culture, and the community it attracts, all display and evoke a mindful life. For Jonathan, it seems the subtlety of tea’s drinking experience ultimately steeps the sipper in awareness itself. Jonathan’s favorites include the Herbal Tea Sampler: mellowness all around. For something more exotic, he goes for the Palace Pu-erh!

“Tea is an open secret, an offering where nothing is hidden and all is shared – if only we pause long enough to take refuge in the warmth that is tea’s home…”

Ambassador Jonathan
Ambassador Jonathan
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