Guest Post by Adam Gazzaley, Upcoming Tea Talk Guest

To get you excited about the upcoming tea talk on Thursday, my friend Adam Gazzaley wrote this blog post touching on some of the topics we’ll be discussing. There are still tickets available for the event. If you haven’t made any plans for this Thursday, December 8th, please consider joining me and Adam for tea,…

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Overcoming the Distracted Mind

Book beside toast and tea

Every day we are bombarded by distractions. It can feel like our attention is being pulled in a million different directions at once. How can we enjoy the benefits of modern technology while maintaining focus, productivity and well-being? Luckily, we’ve got neuroscientists on our side to help us understand how our brains work and identify tools…

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5 Steps To Tapping Your Creativity

Let’s face it, we’re all ridiculously busy, and getting busier all the time. The simple truth is we can’t add more hours to the day, so the only way to achieve our goals is to get further with the time we have. After years doing leadership development in corporate high-tech, and then coaching many talented professionals in my executive coaching practice, I’ve honed a set of productivity rituals to ensure that I not only deliver on my commitments, but that I make time to be open to inspiration, creativity, and “big ideas”.

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