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Tea Lounges Now Open at 8 a.m.

Thanks to customer requests, the Tea Lounges now open every day at 8am!

To kick things off, we’re offering a new Chai & Scone Morning Special:

Between 8-10 am, enjoy a freshly baked Cherry Oat Scone with cream and jam, plus a steaming mug of Masala Chai, for just $6. (This special ends June 1, 2013.)

More Breakfast Options

Other great breakfast options on our menu include:


Rice, slow-cooked to a silken custard and served with tasty toppings and your choice of smoked salmon, duck or braised tempeh.

Suggested tea pairing: Ryokucha Green Tea. Cereal-like and nutty, a touch of grassiness, and the ultimate for breakfast.

Gluten-Free Ginger and Quinoa Waffle

Soft like a pillow with a heavenly taste. Served with fresh fruit and house-made vanilla-infused palm nectar.

Suggested tea pairing: Breakfast Blend Black Tea. Kindle clarity and banish stupor. Full malty flavor with delicate muscatel finish.

Seasonal Vegetable Quiche

Savory, buttery, and flaky, served with a side salad and fruit.

Suggested tea pairing: Golden Phoenix Oolong. Rich, with caramel and floral notes, and persistent aromas of ripe peaches.

You can also pick up a cup of Tea To-Go for $4. To-go tea options change daily.

We hope to see you soon!

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