Tea Feature: Ryokucha Green Tea

By Jesse Jacobs

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Legend has it that popped rice and tea originated in ancient Japan when premium green tea was a luxury item. Peasants made their tea stretch further by adding toasted rice kernels.

Samovar Tea Lounge pays homage to this tradition of tea and rice with our Ryokucha Green Tea. We blend high quality, organic Japanese green tea with toasted rice and a touch of organic matcha. The result: a smooth, nutty brew with a luminous jade green color.

Cereal-like with a sweet grassiness, Ryokucha is the ultimate tea for breakfast. Pair Ryokucha with freshly baked bread, oatmeal, or our Jook with smoked salmon.

Check out our free Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tea video to learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea. And get some tips for how to brew Ryokucha strong in the Learn section of our website.

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