Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Tea — Video Series

Samovar Tea Lounge Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Tea
Samovar Tea Lounge Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Tea
1. Getting Into Tea with Jesse & Leo
2. How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea
3. What Is Tea?
4. How To Select Great Tea
5. Health Benefits Of Tea
6. Benefits To Body, Mind & Spirit
7. How To Taste Tea The Samovar Way
8. Introduction To Green Tea
9. A Very Special Tea: Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea
10. Introduction To Oolong Tea
11. Introduction To Black Tea
12. Introduction To White Tea
13. Introduction To Herbal Infusions
14. Introduction To Pu-erh Tea
15. Bonus: Nishi Sencha & Green Tea Pairing

Congratulations on your purchase! Now it’s time to boil some water and brew some tea.

As you watch these, feel free to send along questions and comments.

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