New Reserve Tea Menu Only at the Castro-Mission Tea Lounge

By Jesse Jacobs

Have you tried all of the teas on our menu and are ready for even more tea adventures?

The Mission-Castro Tea Lounge has a new Reserve Tea Menu with limited edition teas, not available at the other locations. Tea connoisseurs of all levels will enjoy these premium teas and herbal infusions from Nepal, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and beyond. Once they sell out they’re gone for good, so enjoy them while they last!

Check out the Reserve Tea Menu here (PDF)

Sleep Texting, or Why Are We Doing This?

By Jesse Jacobs
Every night people all around the world send texts in their sleep. Our society is delicately balanced on the brink of incredible change. Some people call it the Age of Aquarius. Others point to the end of the Mayan calendar and the predictions about the end of the World. What I see is the proliferation…

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