Tea and Chocolate Pairing

By Jesse Jacobs

Join me and Charles Chocolates founder Chuck Siegal as we dive deep into world class chocolate and how to taste it, how to discern good chocolate, and pairing it with our stellar teas. Learn about the finer details of what makes good chocolate so good with San Francisco entrepreneur Chuck as he joins me in sipping awsome tea, and learning all about how to taste: Terroire, melt-on-the-tongue technique,  pairing white chocolate with matcha and more.

The teas we  will be tasting and pairing with chocolates are:
Breakfast Blend Black Tea
Matcha Hekisui Green Tea
Houjicha Green Tea
Royal Garland Oolong Tea
Phoenix Oolong Tea
Maiden’s Ecstacy Pu-erh Tea

Simple Brewing Tips For You

As whole leaf begins to replace the standard tea bag, one major question arises: How do I brew this tea?  There are hundreds of methods out there, some ancient, some new-age.  Here at Samovar, we don’t believe there is ONE correct style.  In fact, we encourage creativity and innovation of brewing methods.  It’s all good…

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