When she isn’t busy being Marcus’s momma, creating cartoons, going to yoga, studying the i-ching , or working, Joanna finds herself hiking the San Francisco Bay Area . But what are her favorite teas?

“Orange Ginger is really good. It’s citrus-y and slightly sweet. It has a lot of vitamin C in it and is very warming.”

“My favorite pu-erh is the Maiden’s Ecstasy. I actually love going to dim sum with friends, and sneaking in my own tea–and I always bring the Maiden’s Ecstasy when I go! It handles the rich foods of dim sum. All those savory dumplings are even more delicious when I pair this tea with the meal. It’s smooth, not musty like a lot of the aged teas out there. Kind of malty, kind of earthy, and a little bit coffee-like even.”

“After yoga, or a long hike, my favorite hydrating tea is the white tea, Bai Mu Dan. It has a savory quality that is like a meal in itself.”
Ambassador Joanna

Ambassador Joanna


Jodet is one of our busiest Tea Ambassadors! She's the leader of Samovar Hayes Valley, an MBA student, and a writer. How does tea fit into this full life? Jodet drinks tea to energize her when she needs it... and to relax and slow her down when that is in order.

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