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One New Habit That Will Radically Improve Your Life

This morning, while sipping whisked matcha from my favorite tea bowl, I noticed the frothy, milky consistency of the tea. The slightly astringent, grassy, warm-cream taste. I could feel its buttery body across my lips, swirl the deliciousness in my mouth, and then gingerly swallow it, savoring the delicateness of this shade grown, exotic green tea.

Sitting there in the simple present moment, I noticed the tea.

The ability to notice more of life, the little things specifically, correlates directly to how good you feel about yourself, other people, the situation you’re in, and the state of the world. There are so many distractions pulling on our attention, that’s the stress of it all is even said to make us a bit crazy. And that’s why noticing is so important.

Learning to notice is…

Good for the body. Noticing the breath can help our heart rate go down.

Good for the mind. Noticing helps us slow down, and de-clutter the brain, giving us the chance to focus on what’s important.

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