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Tea with Tim Ferriss: First Flush Nishi Sencha, Orange Ginger

Tim and I have tea and talk creativity, motivation, inspiration, and a bit of tech. In this episode we connect over a pot of Nishi First Flush organic green tea, which is super healthy, and talk about the creative process and how to get over fear. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode dedicated to his newest book, The Four Hour Body.

Note: the video is edited down to 10 minutes, but you can listen to the full 1.5 hour audio interview on iTunes.

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How To Make Frozen Tea Treats

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make tea ice popsicles and granitas (an Italian sweet that lies somewhere between sorbet and Italian ice).

First, brew your chosen tea at double strength (using twice the leaves you’d normally use).  Strain your tea leaves.  Then, add your preferred sweetener – and plenty of it!  (As the tea freezes, it will lose a lot of the sweetness in the flavor.) We recommend coconut palm sugar, or if you’d like, you can also add flavor by blending in ingredients like lemon juice, mango nectar, finely chopped mint leaves, puréed strawberries or almond paste. No matter what you add, stir it in very well.
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What I’m Reading: Tribal Leadership

I love books, and nothing beats the real thing. I love holding a book in my hands and knowing — knowing with the knowledge that can come only from bearing the physical weight of the book, from feeling the texture of rough cut edges, smelling musky sweet smell of the paper — that I’m about to take a journey into some one else’s mind.

Recently, I read Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan, John King & Halee Fischer-Wright and I can’t recommend it highly enough. After tearing through it myself, I promptly ordered copies for all our managers.

If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy directly through our site.

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Past Favorites

If you want to explore further, here’s a selection of some past favorites.

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Cool Sweetness: How to Make Iced Tea Lattes

Iced tea lattes are a delicious summer treat. Here’s how to make your own awesome iced tea lattes at home:

1. Select a tea. Black teas are always a great choice though any strong-flavored tea works well. A lighter flavored tea such as green or white will be too mild to stand up to the addition of milk. However, an exception to the rule is the Sweet Matcha, which blends the rich buttery flavors of matcha green tea with milk.

Here are a few other teas that make great tea lattes:
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One New Habit That Will Radically Improve Your Life

This morning, while sipping whisked matcha from my favorite tea bowl, I noticed the frothy, milky consistency of the tea. The slightly astringent, grassy, warm-cream taste. I could feel its buttery body across my lips, swirl the deliciousness in my mouth, and then gingerly swallow it, savoring the delicateness of this shade grown, exotic green tea.

Sitting there in the simple present moment, I noticed the tea.

The ability to notice more of life, the little things specifically, correlates directly to how good you feel about yourself, other people, the situation you’re in, and the state of the world. There are so many distractions pulling on our attention, that’s the stress of it all is even said to make us a bit crazy. And that’s why noticing is so important.

Learning to notice is…

Good for the body. Noticing the breath can help our heart rate go down.

Good for the mind. Noticing helps us slow down, and de-clutter the brain, giving us the chance to focus on what’s important.

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Chilled Teas – When it’s Hot, Serve it Cold

Tea  tastes great hot or cold. During the warm summer months, our chilled teas are some of the most popular drinks on the menu. Here’s a quick intro to making your own refreshing chilled teas.

The slow way”: brew your tea as you normally would, add sweetener such as  coconut palm sugar if desired and then chill it until it’s cold. Add ice if desired and serve.

The quick way”: brew the tea as you normally would, but make it twice as strong by either, a) halving the amount of water you use, or b) doubling the amount of tea leaves you use. Add sweetener if you like, then pour the hot tea over a cup/pitcher full of ice and serve cold.

Black tea is the most common tea to drink cold, but the chilled tea options are endless. Here are a few of our favorites:

Breakfast Blend Black Tea

Sweet Matcha Shake (called the Soy Matcha Latte at the Tea Lounges)

Jasmine Green Tea

Chamomile Melange Herbal Infusion

Check out our tea store and start chilling out!


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6 Steps That Will Multiply Your Creative Output

You don’t have to be a painter or musician to be an artist. In fact, just living day to day is an art. Our lives our like canvases, and what we do with our precious time here is the paint on that canvas. I believe we are all artists in need of creativity. I find that in order to be creative I need to be open to insights and my intuition. In order to be a better Life Artist, I have created a simple approach that has allowed me to become more aware and perceptive, so that I can be more effective and creative.

1. Get into the Present Moment with Ritual
Life today is non-stop. It often feels like there is no time, and that we jump from one task to another, without any space for actual joy. Enter Ritual. No, not the kind of ritual associated with archaic, outdated, or overly complex or foreign concepts or languages. By ritual, I mean an action, or even non-action that is so easy and repeatable, it requires virtually no thought. Anything can become a ritual. My kind of ritual is simple, repeatable without memorization, requires little thinking, offers little stimulation, and yet is relaxing. My rituals create space.

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