Tea with Tim Ferriss: First Flush Nishi Sencha, Orange Ginger

Tim and I have tea and talk creativity, motivation, inspiration, and a bit of tech. In this episode we connect over a pot of Nishi First Flush organic green tea, which is super healthy, and talk about the creative process and how to get over fear. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode dedicated to his newest book, The Four Hour Body.

Note: the video is edited down to 10 minutes, but you can listen to the full 1.5 hour audio interview on iTunes.

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Big Bags of Tea

Get 15-20% Off With Big Bags of Tea

Tea lovers have been asking for years, and finally we’ve done it. Big Bags of tea are now ready to go in our online store. If you really love your Earl Grey, you can now get it and many other favorites in 1 pound bags, or larger (no, not “tea bags,” but “Big Bulk Bags of Tea).

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How To Make Frozen Tea Treats

Stay cool with frozen tea treats. Get ideas for how to make some amazing gourmet tea popsicles, tea granitas, and tea ice cubes that are just soooo cool!

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