Introduction to Samovar, the Movement

In this video I introduce the How and Why of Samovar Tea Lounge. Learn about how it came to be, how we embrace the “negative space” of art, music, and business. Offering our customers a space out of time, our business may look like a tea company, or restaurant, but in fact is a company…

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3 Encouraging Secrets to Starting a Business (or Not)

I often get emails from customers looking for “advice” on how to start a business, and looking for learnings I have to offer them. Below are my answers – enjoy!

1. What do you feel was the most important choice you made that contributed to the success of Samovar?

My decision to start Samovar was totally selfish. It was to start a business that would serve me as a customer. I needed a place to go to connect on a deeper level with myself. And with those close to me in life. Tea proved to be the ancient vehicle enabling that connection, so it was an obvious answer. The biggest decision was to dive within myself, to understand my own reason for being, my “Why,” and to connect that to where I believed there was a market opportunity. If I had this need, perhaps there was a world full of people who had the same need? And, instead of creating a Tea Company, I chose to create a Positive Human Connection Company. That was the most important decision I made.

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Zen & the Art of Life Management

Join me and my good friends, and role models Leo Babauta, author of the awesome blog Zen Habits, Four Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss, and VP of the San Francisco Zen Center, Susan O’Connell as we have tea, and connect on the meaning of life, zen, and how to live with joy in a world…

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