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Samovar Tea Lounge Goes Green with 100% Compostable Tea Boxes

Samovar Tea Lounge is officially the first tea company to introduce a compostable container for their full line of teas, which are available for purchase at Samovar’s three Bay Area retail locations and online store. Recognized for its award-winning tea menu and leading role in the American artisanal tea movement, Samovar’s latest packaging design marks an unprecedented eco-conscious solution in keeping products farm fresh while having a minimal impact on the environment. Samovar’s new tea box utilizes post-consumer recycled cardboard for its exterior shell, water based inks, and wood-based fiber material to retain maximum freshness for their handcrafted teas. A pioneering Bay Area green business, Samovar proudly introduces a sustainable package that’s as impermanent as the tea itself.
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Celebrate Samovar’s Reopening Thursday, November 4

Please join us in celebrating the newly remodeled Mission-Castro Tea Lounge this Thursday November 4, from 7–9pm.

Samovar Reopening Party
at 498 Sanchez Street

This Thursday, November 4, 7-9pm

Usher in this new stage of Samovar’s life, introduce friends to the lounge, explore our new teas, and sample complimentary sweet and savory delicacies with the rest of the Samovar family! We look forward to celebrating with you.

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Tea and Honey

Tea and honey are classic pairings. This is a beautiful movie about modern day beekeeping in Brooklyn, NY.

This six-minute film profiles Brooklyn farmer Megan Paska. Megan has witnessed beekeeping as it morphed from an illegal (and possibly crazy) habit to a sustainable, community-supported skill. Mirroring beekeeping’s own ascendance, she found more than just a living: “This is the first time in my life when I’ve just felt absolutely on the right path,” she says.

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