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World Tea, Las Vegas Style

July 2010

Every year we attend the World Tea Expo in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, it is very ironic that small family tea farmers and tea companies from around the world gather in Vegas of all places. But, it is what it is, and ultimately it is a blast. This year the Samovar team included Erick, Laura, Tiffany, Jesus, and me. Unfortunately, Erick did not win the World Tea Brewing Championships taking the title back to SF. Maybe next year. In this video we recap our time tasting tea, musing on the tea business, and how to stay alive and sane in Vegas. Enjoy!

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Old School: How to Build an Inspired Company According to the Big Boys (Google, Facebook, Samovar)

Check out this engaging panel discussion at the 2010 Wisdom 2.0 conference. Panelists included¬†Meng Tan (Head of Personal Growth, Google),¬†Stuart Crabb (Head of Learning & Development, Facebook), and yours truly. What do some of the biggest titans of Tech have in common with a little company like Samovar? Culture. A great company culture equals a great company. It’s not easy, and it is a work in constant progress, but what else is there? Culture creates inspiration, for employees first, and then for customers.

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Video of Tea & Wine Pairing with Gary V and Kevin Rose

Thanks to all who tuned in to the live streaming of the Tea & Wine Pairing with Jesse, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library, and Kevin Rose of!

For those who missed it, check out the video below to watch the trio talk about drinks, tech, jungle wombats, and more:

Tea & Wine Tasting with Gary, Kevin, and Jesse from jesse jacobs on Vimeo.

Or if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, get a quick fix with this 10 minute edited version:

Or, read the read the transcription of the Tea & Wine Pairing here.