Press Release for Samovar Hayes Valley Door Opening Ceremony conducted by the SF Zen Center

Media Contacts: Jesse Cutler, Samovar: (415) 655-3431 / [email protected] David Perry, SFZC: (415) 693-0583 / cell: (415) 676-7007 / [email protected] WHAT: Samovar Tea Lounge III: Hayes Valley With Door Opening Ceremony courtesy of San Francisco Zen Center WHEN: Saturday, March 7 1pm-1:30pm: Door Opening Ceremony 2pm-5pm: open-house tea reception: tea tastings, snacks, celebration gathering WHERE:…

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Samovar’s Jesse Jacobs on KRON AM News TV (2-7-09)

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Watch Samovar Tea Lounge owner Jesse Jacobs on KRON 4 News as he highlights some of his favorite teas alongside news reporter Henry Tenenbaum. Check out the teas that Jesse brewed in this feature: Ryokucha Green Tea and Maiden’s Ecstasy Pu-erh And the tea ware he used: Yixing Pot, Glass Pitcher, and the Infusing Basket

A New Samovar Blossoms in Hayes Valley

Samovar Tea Lounge III is now open! The corner of Page Street and Laguna Street has had a tea makeover. After six years in business, we have opened in SF’s newest neighborhood, “Hayes Valley,” across the street from America’s oldest Zen institution, the San Francisco Zen Center.

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